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Teaching Unions - Role of Teaching Unions in Education
Belonging to a teaching union has its advantages. Find out what belonging to teaching unions provides you, the people who runs these unions, how teacher ...
Why Should You Join a Teachers Union? - Teaching - About.com
One decision that a new teacher is faced with is whether or not they should join a teachers union. In some cases, it is actually not a choice at all. In eighteen ...
An Overview of The National Education Association - Teaching
The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest teacher union in the U.S. They are a powerful organization in supporting teacher rights.
Are Teachers Required to Join a Teacher Union?
Teacher unions were created as a way to combine the voices of teachers so that they could better bargain with school districts and protect their own interests.
American Federation of Teachers - Teaching - About.com
AFT was formed after many previous attempts at forming a national labor union for teachers had failed. It was formed after three local unions from Chicago and ...
The Conservative Case Against Teachers Unions
Labor unions were never intended for government workers or employees. When it comes to public sector unions, and specifically teachers unions, conservatives ...
4 Reasons to Teach in a Private School - Private Schools - About.com
There are other reasons why you should consider teaching in a private school. ... You don't need a union to help you deal with issues when you have easy ...
Overview of the United Federation of Teachers - Teaching - About.com
The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) is the largest labor union representing teachers in New York City. The UFT currently has over 200,000 members.
Teaching in Public vs. Private Schools - About.com
One reason that public school teachers are typically paid more is because most private schools do not have a teacher's union. Teaching unions fight hard for ...
What Is Teacher Tenure? (Definition) - Teaching - About.com
The purpose is to protect good teachers from being fired for non-educational ... School Discipline · School Law · Teaching Unions · Technology in Education ...
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