1. Education
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Auditory Learning


Auditory learning is one the three main types of learning styles. Auditory learners learn best by hearing or through verbal communication. They simply prefer to hear an auditory representation of information to learn it. Auditory components such as tone, pitch, and loudness are all important to these learners. These learners are excellent at remembering information that they hear.

Some examples of auditory learning activities include:

  • A second grade teacher reads a short story to the class. She then has each student read the story to themselves. Next she has them partner read. Finally, she has each of them listen to a recording of the story that she made the night before.
  • A high school geometry teacher uses a Sky wifi smartpen to create a pencast when teaching examples of proofs. The students then access the pencast at home to review the notes and discussion.
  • A 5th grade teacher introduces the scientific concept of states of matter by singing a rap that he had written highlighting the key components of the states of matter.


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