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Community Involvement

Every school would benefit from greater community involvement from parents, businesses, and community members. How do we foster more community support within our school?

Advice for Graduates from a Principal
Graduation represents the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. This article offers advice for graduates to help them succeed in life.

Become a School Board Member
The school board is the governing body of a school district. A district is only as good as each school board member that makes up their board.

Common Myths Regarding Teachers
Teachers deserve to be respected more, but there are certain myths regarding teachers that will likely not go away any time soon.

Effective Strategies to Become an Outstanding Student
Becoming an outstanding student does not happen overnight. You must come prepared each day eager to learn and willing to work hard.

False Assumptions that Drive School Reform
There is no denying that our current educational system is flawed. However, school reform efforts are misguided by false assumptions about our schools.

Implementing a School Grounds Committee
The grounds committee will allow students to actively improve school quality by providing a safe, clean environment for all students to learn.

Increasing Parental Involvement in Education
Increasing parental involvement in your school will make teachers jobs easier and improve student performance overall.

Issues Schools Face that Negatively Impacts Student Learning
Schools face challenges that negatively impacts student learning. Educators work hard to overcome this, but it is often an uphill climb.

Life Lessons Taught by Teachers
Life lessons taught by teachers have made a lasting impact on many students often having a far greater impact than teaching standard based content.

Promoting School Support Throughout Your Community
Every school needs more community support. An effective school leader will incorporate strategies to get the entire community to support the school.

School Tips for Parents from a Principal
For teachers, parents can be your worst enemy or your best friend. There are tips for parents to follow to make every educators job a little easier.

Steps to Effectively Address a Concern with a Teacher
What should you do if your child tells you they had an problem with a teacher? There is a right and wrong way to address any concerns with a teacher.

Strategies to Create an Outstanding School Website
A school website should be a frequently updated information hub designed to meet to needs of every unique visitor.

Strategies to Ensure Academic Success for Your Child
As a parent, you are a critical factor to ensure academic success for your child. You are your childs first teacher and the most influential.

The Growing Weight of Responsibility for Schools
There is a continuous growth of responsibility for schools occurring without a significant increase in the time they have with their students.

The Importance of Athletics in Schools
The importance of athletics in schools is significant. It has a profound impact on individuals, the school as a whole, and on the community.

Tips for Successful Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences can be an exceptionally beneficial tool for teachers. Positive changes can occur because of a parent teacher conference.

Tips to Successfully Pass a School Bond Issue
It takes a lot of dedication, time, and hard work to pass a school bond issue. There are strategies to improve the chances that the bond issue will pass.

Ways to Say Thank You to Teachers
We need to say thank you to teachers as often as we can. Most teachers do not receive the admiration and respect that they deserve.

What are some Characteristics that Make the Perfect Student?
Most teachers tell you that they don't have favorites, but there are students who have certain characteristics that make them the perfect student.

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