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Ohio Education

A Profile on Ohio Education and Schools


Ohio Education

Ohio Department of Education

Ohio State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Dr. Richard A. Ross

District/School Information

Length of School Year: A minimum of 182 school days are required by Ohio state law.

Number of Public School Districts: There are 615 public school districts in Ohio.

Number of Public Schools: There are 3895 public schools in Ohio. ****

Number of Students Served in Public Schools: There are 1,764,297 public school students in Ohio. ****

Number of Teachers in Public Schools: There are 111,378 public school teachers in Ohio.****

Number of Charter Schools: There are 340 charter schools in Ohio.

Per Pupil Spending: Ohio spends $10,616 per pupil in public education. ****

Average Class Size: The average class size In Ohio is 15.8 students per 1 teacher. ****

% of Title I Schools: 72.3% of schools in Ohio are Title I Schools.****

% With Individualized Education Programs (IEP): 14.9% of students in Ohio are on IEP's. ****

% in Limited-English Proficiency Programs: 2.1% of students in Ohio are in limited-English Proficient Programs.****

% of Student Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunches: 40.3% of students in Ohio schools are eligible for free/reduced lunches.****

Ethnic/Racial Student Breakdown****

White: 78.1%

Black: 17.0%

Hispanic: 3.0%

Asian/Pacific Islander: 1.7%

American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.1%

School Assessment Data

Graduation Rate: 81.4% of all students entering high school in Ohio graduate. **

ACT/SAT rank: 242.8 students per 1000 in Ohio had a score of 25+ on the ACT or a 1780+ on the SAT. ***

8th grade NAEP assessment scores:****

Math: 289 is the scaled score for 8th grade students in Ohio. The U.S. average was 283.

Reading: 268 is the scaled score for 8th grade students in Ohio. The U.S. average was 264.

% of Students Who Attend College after High School: 62.7% of students in Ohio go on to attend some level of college. ***

Private Schools

Number of Private Schools: There are 1,047 private schools in Ohio.*

Number of Students Served in Private Schools: There are 246,396 private school students in Ohio.*

Teacher Pay

The average teacher pay for the state of Ohio was $51,343.33 in 2009.##

Each individual district in the state of Ohio negotiates teacher salaries and establishes their own teacher salary schedule.

The following is an example of a teacher salary schedule in Ohio provided by the Toledo Public School District.

*Data courtesy of Education Bug .

**Data courtesy of ED.gov

***Data courtesy of the NCHEMS Information Center for Higher Education Policy Making and Analysis

****Data courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics

##Average salary courtesy of Teacher Salary Info

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