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School Policies

The driving force behind how a school is run is the district's policies and procedures. School policies are an essential part of every school. It is ever changing and ever growing. This section offers information on the policy writing process as well as sample policies.

Bullying Policy
Bullying policy - Every school must have a bullying policy. In today's society this has become a major issue and most bullying occurs in the setting of school. More than ever school's need to combat this issue. It is a fact that more and more students are taking their own lives because of bullying. School administrators have to make this a...

Cell Phone Policy
Cell phone policy -- Cell phones are increasingly becoming more and more of an issue for schools. It seems that every school addresses this issue with a different cell phone policy. Students of all ages have begun to carry cell phones and a policy should be in place to handle this according to your district’s stance.

Corporal Punishment in Schools
Corporal punishment in schools -- Corporal punishment in schools is a controversial topic. It is banned in many schools and some states. This is a sample policy for corporal punishment in schools.

Fighting in School
Fighting in school - An issue that many school administrator's face on a constant basis is fighting in school. The following policy is designed to prevent and discourage students from getting into a physical altercation. The consequences are direct and severe so that any student thinks about their actions before choosing to fight.

Homework Policy
Homework policy - Many teachers give homework. The following is a sample homework policy designed to guide and regulate the amount and type of homework given to students.

Misinformation Policy
Misinformation - As a school principal one of your duties likely is to handle student discipline. Nothing can derail an investigation into an incident like misinformation. Many students that see something happen refuse to cooperate because they either are worried about possible repercussions to themselves or they don't want to "snitch" on their friends.

Obscenity and Profanity
Obscenity and Profanity - Obscenity and profanity has become a major issue that schools deal with. Profanity especially has become a problem because students hear their parents using words that are unacceptable at school and model what they do.

Respect in Schools
Respect in Schools - There must be an atmosphere that promotes mutual respect in schools. Teachers need to respect students and students need to respect teachers. This mutual respect will foster learning. This policy is designed to promote such an atmosphere of respect in schools.

Retention Policy
Retention Policy - School retention can be a controversial and touchy topic. Most parents do not want to hear that their child may need to be retained. Having a well written retention policy that details an appeals process protects the school district and the teachers and provides the parent with options should they disagree with the initial...

School Attendance Policy
Every school has a school attendance policy in which they expect their students to follow. This is a sample school school attendance policy.

School Bus Rules
School bus rules -- School districts provide transportation to students using school buses. The following school bus rules are designed to keep students ride the school bus safe and secure to and from school.

School Dress Code Policy
Dress code policy -- Every school has a dress code policy in which it requires its students to follow. This is a sample of a school dress code policy.

School Harassment
School Harassment - School harassment is a serious issue. It is the policy of Any Where School District to maintain learning and working environment that is free from religious, racial, sexual harassment, or sexual orientation harassment.

School Search Policy
School search - Every school should have a school search and seizure policy that is clear to students. Students should have a good understanding of the circumstances which they can be legally searched at school. An illegal search and seizure could cost the school a lot of money, so having a policy in place can aide in protecting the school in...

Student Code of Conduct
Student code of conduct -- Many schools incorporate a student code of conduct in which it expects its students to follow. A well written student code of conduct should be simple and cover basic expectations that each student should meet. This is a sample of a student code of conduct.

Student Handbook
Student handbook - Every school has a student handbook. I strongly believe that the handbook is a living, breathing tool that should be updated and changed every year. As a school principal it is essential that you keep your student handbook up-to-date. A policy that will work in one district, may not be as effective in another district. With...

Student Rights Handbook
Student Rights - Every student in the district has rights and freedoms given to them by the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. The school district recognizes these student rights. However the Supreme Court has recognized that school rules and regulations that affect speech are lawful unless there is an apparent abuse of power or judgment on the part of the school. Therefore the rules and regulations established in this handbook are reasonable and valid in the pursuit of a quality education for every student in the district with minimal disruptions.

Substitute Teacher Policy
Substitute teacher - When a regular teacher has to miss school, then a substitute teacher has to take their place. Students often take advantage of the substitute and this can create discipline issues. The follow substitute teacher policy is designed to protect the substitute and to have severe consequences for students who create problems for...

Tardies Policy
Every school has a tardiness policy. This is a sample school tardy policy.

Writing Policy and Procedures for Schools
Writing Policy -- Writing policy and procedures for schools is a part of an administrator's job. School policies and procedures are essentially the governing documents by which your school district and school building is run. It is essential that your policies & procedures be current and up-to-date.

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