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Homework Policy


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This is a sample homework policy. Homework is defined as the time students spend outside the classroom in assigned learning activities. Any Where Schools believes the purpose of homework should be to practice, reinforce, or apply acquired skills and knowledge. We also believe, as research supports that moderate assignments completed and done well are more effective than lengthy or difficult ones poorly done.

Homework serves to develop regular study skills and the ability to complete assignments independently. Any Where Schools further believes completing homework is the responsibility of the student, and as students mature they are more able to work independently. Therefore, parents play a supportive role through monitoring completion of assignments, encouraging students’ efforts and providing a conducive environment for learning.

Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits. It is the intention of the Any Where School staff to assign relevant, challenging and meaningful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives. Homework should provide students with the opportunity to apply the information they have learned, complete unfinished class assignments, and develop independence.

Actual time required to complete assignments will vary with each student’s study habits, academic skills, and selected course load. If your child is spending an inordinate amount of time doing homework, you should contact your child’s teachers .

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