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Student Retention Policy

Student Retention Policy


student retention policy
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Student retention can be a controversial and touchy topic. Most parents do not want to hear that their child may need to be retained. Having a well written retention policy that details an appeals process protects the school district and the teachers and provides the parent with options should they disagree with the initial teacher's decision.

Student Retention Policy

Promotion is a highlight of a school year and affects the teacher, student, and parents. Therefore serious consideration should be given to the following factors:

  • Number of Years Retained.
  • Chronological Age.
  • Scholastic Achievement.
  • Cognitive Ability.
  • Developmental and Social Maturity.

Whenever a teacher or teachers recommend that a student be retained at the present grade level, the parent/guardian should be notified of the recommendation no later than the end of the third quarter. Parents/guardians and teachers are encouraged to communicate regularly about the child's progress.

It shall be the policy of Any Where Public School that whenever a teacher or teachers recommend that a student be retained at the present grade level or not passed in a course, the parent or guardian, if dissatisfied with the recommendation, may appeal the decision by complying with the district’s appeal process. The decision of the Board of Education shall be final. The parent may prepare a written statement to be placed in and become a part of the permanent record of the student stating the reason(s) for disagreeing with the decision of the board.

Parent/Guardian will have 30 days to file an appeal with the Principal. If the parent does not file an appeal to the Principal within 30 days then the student shall be placed in the grade recommended by the teacher. Upon receipt of notice to appeal the Principal will form a hearing committee composed of the Principal, parent, teacher and an unbiased teacher to hear the parents appeal. Upon receipt of the committee’s decision, if still not satisfied the parent/guardian will have 10 days to file an appeal with the Superintendent. If still not satisfied the parent/guardian will have 10 days to notify the Superintendent, a hearing with the Board of Education is requested. The Superintendent will notify the Board that a hearing has been requested within 10 days. The Superintendent schedules a hearing with the Board. The hearing is conducted within 30 days from the date of notification to the board.

Students in special education are excluded from this policy and will be advanced or retained in accordance with their Individual Educational Program as created by the IEP team.

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