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Evaluating Teachers

Evaluating teachers is a process most usually performed by a school administrator. Although teacher evaluation is an ongoing process, there are several facets of the process that must be followed. This section provides insights and samples covering the teacher evaluation process.

Evaluation Questions
It is helpful during the teacher evaluation process if the teacher being evaluated completes an evaluation questionnaire. This is a short questionnaire consisting of questions to get the teacher thinking about their evaluation and to give the evaluator some prior knowledge before they do the evaluation. The following is a sample evaluation...

How Do You Make Teacher Observations a Priority?
Making Teacher Observations a Priority - Most principals wear several different hats meaning that they have several different responsibilities. Prioritizing these responsibilities is a must if a principal is going to be good at their job. Most principals are responsible for teacher observations and evaluations. Making teacher observations a...

Plan of Improvement

A plan of improvement can be written for any teacher who performs unsatisfactorily in one or more areas. The plan highlights their deficiencies, offers suggestions for improvement, and gives a time line in which they must meet the goals set in the plan of improvement. The following is a sample plan of improvement.

Post Evaluation Form
After evaluating a teacher it is necessary to meet with the teacher to go over the evaluation. The post evaluation form provides documentation that you did meet with the teacher. The following is a sample post evaluation form.

Pre-Evaluation Form
Before observing a teacher it is necessary to have a pre observation conference to set a date to observe, go over any specifics that you will be looking for, and to see if there is any specific thing the teacher would like you to look for. The pre observation form below provides documentation that this meeting took place.

Seven Steps towards a Meaningful Teacher Evaluation
The teacher evaluation process is a major part of a school principal’s job. Having a grasp on this process is essential in maximizing teacher improvement.

Teacher Observation
Teacher observation -- Teacher observation is an ongoing assessment and evaluation of what is going on within and around an administrator’s school facility. This process should not take place on a one or two time basis, but should be something that is done either formally or informally every day.

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