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Pre-Evaluation Form

Sample Pre-Evaluation Form


pre-evaluation conference form
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It may be necessary to have a pre evaluation conference before conducting a teacher observation. Use the conference to set a date to observe, go over any specifics that you will be observing, and to see if there is any specific thing which the teacher would like you to observe specifically. The pre evaluation form below provides documentation that this meeting took place.

This is to verify that _________________________ (Teacher’s Name) has received his/her pre-conference related to the evaluation process.

As an educator, I understand the process and what is expected of all teachers in Any Where School District. I have received a copy of the standards of performance and conduct for teachers as well as a copy of my state objectives, and Any Where Public School required curriculum.

As a teacher in Any Where Public School District, I understand that failure to meet the requirements set forth by the State Department of Education and the Any Where School District may result in a Plan of Improvement and/or Termination of Contract.

__________________________________ Teacher Signature/Date

__________________________________ Administrator Signature/Date

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