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School Discipline

One of the most pressing issues in education is discipline at school. School discipline and behavior management are issues that every school administrator or teacher deals with on a daily basis. We examine discipline at school and the best practices in this section.

A Principal's Guide to Effective School Discipline
While you cannot eliminate all your school discipline problems, there are steps you can take so that your program is effective and efficient.

A Teacher's Guide to Discipline Referrals
This guide to discipline outlines what offenses should be dealt with by the teacher and which offenses should result in a discipline referral.

Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers
One of the biggest challenges for all teachers is how to handle classroom management. Each teacher has to find strategies that work best for them.

Classroom Strategies for Better Behavior Management
Behavior management is one of the biggest challenges that teachers face. Teachers must figure out what strategies work with each group of students.

Making Classroom Discipline Decisions
A major component of being an effective teacher is making correct classroom discipline decisions quickly to minimize distractions.

Making Discipline Decisions for Principals
A major facet of a school principal’s job is to make discipline decisions. A principal should be involved with all major discipline issues.

Prevent Bullying in Schools
Bullying in schools is one of the biggest educational issues that school administrators, teachers, students, and parents deal with today.

Sample Discipline Form
Many principals require a discipline referral form for a student who is sent to the office with a behavior infraction.

Strategies for Motivating Students
Although teachers arguably play the largest role in motivating students, a principal can do many things to aide in the area of motivating students.

Strategies for Successfully Managing Student Discipline
A school administrator listens to all the evidence and makes the best possible decision when dealing with a student discipline issue.

The Best Strategies to Handle a Disruptive Student
A disruptive student minimizes learning opportunities for other students. These strategies will help a teacher handle and reduce these disruptions.

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