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A Review of Clickn Kids Read Phonics and Spelling

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clickn kids phonics and spelling
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Clickn Kids products include Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spell. Clickn Read Phonics is a computer based program that is designed to teach phonics curriculum for children in kindergarten through third grade. Clickn Spell, which is tabbed as the “worlds best beginning spelling program” is also a computer based program. It is designed to teach children in PreK through 5th grade how to correctly spell over 800 of the most commonly used words in the English language.

Both programs were developed by Dr. J Ron Nelson. Dr. Nelson is a nationally recognized early education research professor. He developed the curriculum for the program based on educational research and the computer program that delivers the curriculum.

Both programs deliver their lessons through interactive animated cartoons designed to grab a child’s attention and too keep their attention because it is intended to be fun and easy to use. Clickn Read Phonics is guided by a “space dog” and Clickn Spelling is guided by a “space tiger”. Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling are each made up of 100 lessons that each child will progress through with little to no supervision. Each lesson adds a new element to reading, phonics, or spelling and increases in difficulty as you move through the program. Clicks essentially equate to learning through repetition.

Key Components

Clickn Programs are Easy to Set Up

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling make it easy to set up individual user accounts or add multiple users at once.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling allow you to transfer an account from one user to another free of charge for the life of the subscription.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling allow users to be easily transferred from one teacher to another when used in a school setting.

Clickn Program Progress is Customizable

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling allow teachers and parents to pick which lesson to start their child on. For example, children who are considered to be advanced readers are encouraged to start initially on level 10 and then to move up until the child makes some mistakes.

  • Clickn Read Phonics allows teachers and parents to adjust playback time as well as the speed of many of the activities to adjust to individual differences within students.

Clickn Program Lessons are Sequential

  • Clickn Read Phonics presents information in a sequential manner that is founded through educational research.

  • Clickn Read Phonics builds new concepts and reinforces previously learned concepts in every lesson.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling increase in difficulty and rigor as the student moves through each lesson.

Clickn Programs allows Progress to be Monitored

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling provide printable individual lesson reports after each lesson is completed. These reports provide the lesson number, date and time, category taught, how many correct answers were given on first attempt, and how many answers required multiple attempts to get correct.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling provide printable cumulative results reports. These reports provide information specific to all letter sounds learned the lesson number it was taught, how many times the user saw that sound, and also gives the individual student percentage as well as the class percentage and all user percentage for comparison purposes.

Clickn Programs are Instructional

  • Clickn Read Phonics begins with the Letter Sound Chamber. This area teaches 61 phonics letter sounds systematically over the 100 total lessons. Users also find the letter sounds by spelling them out on a keyboard as the sounds are called out.

  • Clickn Read Phonics takes the user into The Listening Cube. For the first 25 lessons the user will be introduced to beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words. In all 100 lessons the user will work learning how to blend separate word sounds together in this area.

  • Clickn Read Phonics takes users into The Reading Room. The Reading Room teaches users to learn word and sentence reading skills. These skills include sight words, spelling sight words, word families, word endings, the silent E rule, spelling silent E words, making sentences, sentence dictation, prefixes, suffixes, and story reading.

  • Clickn Read Phonics finally takes users into The Speed Chamber. The Speed Chamber is where all sounds and words taught in lessons are practiced and reviewed within a prescribed set of time.

  • Clickn Spelling begins at The Spelling Station. The Spelling Station introduces users to 8 new spelling words in each lesson. Users are presented with the new word visually and then in a sentence. The user must then correctly type the word once by copying it and then again without seeing it.

  • Clickn Spelling then takes users to The Practice Pod. This allows users to practice the 8 words they learned at The Spelling Station. Each word is shown with an example sentence. The user must then type the word correctly without seeing the word. If the user incorrectly spells the word, they must try again until all 8 words are spelled correctly.

  • Clickn Spelling finally takes users to The Testing Terrace. The Testing Terrace appears every 5th lesson presenting users with a pop quiz over previously learned words. 10 words are picked at random for the pop quiz. In addition there are five level tests throughout the 100 lessons. Here 20 words are selected randomly for users to prove mastery.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling provide printable handouts that allow users the opportunity to practice high frequency sight words, other words, and sentences away from the program.

Clickn Programs are Interactive

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling are interactive at their core. The basis of the program is learning through the repetition of clicking. Each click of the mouse is intended to translate to the learning of a letter sound, word, sentence, or spelling.

  • Clickn Reading Phonics and Clickn Spelling engage students in listening comprehension activities and teach them to follow verbal instructions.

Clickn Programs meet Other Needs

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling are beneficial to children who have been diagnosed with a learning disability.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling are even beneficial for adults who are trying to learn English as a second language.

  • Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling provide research proven features that benefit children who are autistic.


  • Clickn Read Phonics is based on The National Reading Panel Research. The approach used in the development of the program is based on research into effective reading instruction by this panel. Every sound, sight word, word family, prefix, and suffix was selected and put in sequence according to this research.

  • Clickn Spelling is based on Copy, Cover, Compare Instructional Practice Research. This research says that 800 words account for 80% of the words that children use to demonstrate mastery in spelling. This research says that children can effectively learn how to spell by seeing a word, copying the word and then writing the word again without seeing it.


An individual lifetime subscription to Clickn Read Phonics can be purchased for $59.85. An individual lifetime subscription to Clickn Spelling can be purchased for $49.95. These subscriptions are transferable from one user to another for free at anytime.

Schools may purchase a 1-year license for $10 per seat or can purchase a 2-year license for $8 per seat.


Clickn Read Phonics and Clickn Spelling each have components that can make them effective learning tools. They also provide value in that they are affordable and can easily be transferred among family and friends. However, I feel like children will find the program boring and repetitive. The program offers no incentives or rewards for students to move from level to the next. The overall spirit of the program is admirable, but developers should expand on the current version to actively engage users in the learning progress through a method that is fun and interactive. There are many free phonics and reading programs that can provide the same experience. Overall, I give this program two and half stars, because I believe it can aid in helping children to learn to read and to spell, but I don’t believe it will be engaging enough to keep their attention throughout 100 lessons.

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