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What Successful School Principals Do Differently


Successful school principals do things differently having a particular mind set and leadership philosophy that allows them to be successful.

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The Sad Demise of the Teaching Profession in America

Being a part of the teaching profession is an honor, but it has progressively become a less attractive career option for a variety of reasons.

The Best Strategies to Handle a Disruptive Student

A disruptive student minimizes learning opportunities for other students. These strategies will help a teacher handle and reduce these disruptions.

A Teachers Guide for Making the Most of Summer Break

Teachers should strive to make the most of summer break. It is essential to have a well balanced summer to refresh both personally and professionally.

Why Standards and Rigor Are Not Synonymous

Standards and rigor are different things. Standards do not drive rigor. Rigor is teacher driven.Teachers must increase rigor regardless of the standards.

Free Technology Tools that Every Teacher Should Be Using

Technology has improved teaching tremendously over the last decade. Here we examine twenty of the best technology tools that teachers should be using.

Strategies to Create an Outstanding School Website

A school website should be a frequently updated information hub designed to meet to needs of every unique visitor.

Role of the Principal

The role of the principal is hard work and time consuming and includes leadership, teacher evaluation, student discipline, and several others.

What are some Pros and Cons of the Common Core Standards?

The Common Core Standards are highly controversial. As their implementation approaches we examine some pros and cons of the Common Core Standards.

Essential Qualities of a Good Teacher

What are the most valuable qualities of a good teacher? Good teachers are likely made up of a combination of hundreds of qualities that allow them do their job effectively

What are some Characteristics that Make the Perfect Student?

Most teachers tell you that they don't have favorites, but there are students who have certain characteristics that make them the perfect student.

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