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Helping Students - It's What Teachers Do

Helping Students

Helping students is what teaching is all about. When a person decides they want to become a teacher, this should be the number one reason.

More for Teachers
Teaching Spotlight10

Teaching and the Evolution of the Student

Each grade presents a new challenge for students & teachers. The evolution of the student is a journey that starts in pre-k and ends in twelfth grade.

Top Things a First Year School Principal Should Do

Being a new school principal can be overwhelming. These are some of the first things a new principal should do to help launch a successful career.

Beginning of School Tips for Principals

The beginning of school means many things to different people. For principals it can be most stressful, particularly if you are not prepared.

Back to School for Teachers

Going back to school after summer break can be exciting, nerve racking, and hectic for teachers. It may be the most important time of the year.

First Year Teacher

The first year is arguably the most difficult, simply because a first year teacher is typically not prepared for all that will be thrown at them.

How Parents Can Get Involved with Their Child’s School

Parental involvement is a critical component of educational success. Parents should seek out opportunities to get involved with their child's school.

Best Practices for Increasing School Safety and Security

School safety and security should always be a high priority for schools. The following practical strategies will help address several vulnerabilities.

The Sad Demise of the Teaching Profession in America

Being a part of the teaching profession is an honor, but it has progressively become a less attractive career option for a variety of reasons.

The Best Strategies to Handle a Disruptive Student

A disruptive student minimizes learning opportunities for other students. These strategies will help a teacher handle and reduce these disruptions.

A Teachers Guide for Making the Most of Summer Break

Teachers should strive to make the most of summer break. It is essential to have a well balanced summer to refresh both personally and professionally.

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