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Teacher Interview Questions

15 Sample Teacher Interview Questions


teacher interview questions
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The interview process can be extremely stressful for a teacher. Administrators and school districts vary with how the interview process goes, so being prepared is a key to a successful interview. Teacher interview questions can vary as well. The following set of fifteen questions is a sample set of teacher interview questions that you may use to prepare you.

  1. What do you know about our school?

  2. How are you with technology? Have you ever used a smart board?

  3. What are your greatest strengths as a teacher? Weaknesses?

  4. Is organization an valuable skill for a teacher to possess? Why?

  5. Describe your teaching style?

  6. How should students’ educational achievement and progress be monitored?

  7. How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our school?

  8. An observer enters your classroom. What would you like him/her to see?

  9. How have you utilized different teaching strategies to best provide for the learning needs of all students?

  10. How do you establish yourself as the person in charge or to establish control over the classroom setting?

  11. One of the goals in our district is to increase parental participants. What can you do to support this goal?

  12. In what areas do you need to improve? How will you go about this?

  13. Scenario: An angry parent visits you as the result of a fight between their child and another child on the playground. How would you handle this angry parent?

  14. Scenario: A student becomes disruptive and you immediately discipline the student by giving them a verbal warning. A few minutes later the student begins yelling and swearing for no apparent reason. How do you handle this situation?

  15. Scenario: Your class is a melting pot of different ability levels ranging from highly gifted to severe special needs. How do you ensure that each student’s unique needs are met?

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